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Welcome to the AIR FRÖHLICH ApS web-side.

AIR FRÖHLICH ApS is a leading supplier of air and gas heat exchangers.

AIR FRÖHLICH’s core business is, development, sales, marketing and delivery of heat exchangers as well as related systems within comfort ventilation, industrial ventilation, process and flue gases.


AIR FRÖHLICH background – from a pioneer to a highly specialized supplier for delivery of heat exchangers.

AIR FRÖHLICH ApS was founded in 1977 with the purpose of spreading the knowledge of the heat recovering technique. Throughout the years the delivery program has been adjusted to the market leading AIR FRÖHLICH ApS to become a recognized supplier able to fulfil all objectives.



The AIR FRÖHLICH’s intention is to be a leading supplier of any form of air or gas technical heat exchangers, where minimum one side is passed by a gas.



The key values for AIR FRÖHLICH ApS are reliability, care, energy and continuous product development, combined with employees with a high technical knowledge for the possibilities and use of all the products.



AIR FRÖHLICH’s strategy is to deliver the right product at any time.


A reliable partner.

AIR FRÖHLICH’s strength is experience, knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the process as well as the capability of transforming spontaneous idea into a complete project.

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